Drohun Blackbarrow

Historian of Dragonhelm; a cursed soul


Drohun Blackbarrow was a highly-acclaimed author and historian of the Dwarven kingdom of Dragonhelm. Considered an exemplar of Dwarven culture, Blackbarrow’s wrote countless books that were copied and distributed across the continent, most of them pertaining to his beloved home.

When the Doom of Dragonhelm claimed the city shortly after the Cataclysm, Drohun Blackbarrow was one of the few dwarves to escape alive. He refused to speak about the events that led to Dragonhelm’s downfall, and seemed to move through life in a perpetual daze. He continued to write, but his writing gradually became more and more erratic and disjointed, leading many to believe that his traumatic escape had cost him his sanity. The fact that he refused to be alone in the darkness and was perpetually surrounded by candles and lanterns gave credit to this claim. The last account of Blackbarrow’s madness described him wandering into the Scarred Hills, seemingly without purpose, never to return.

Blackbarrow perished in the Scarred Hills, but could not find rest in death. His corpse rose as a shadowbound revenant, bound to the fate of the Doom of Dragonhelm. His shade continued to haunt his last manuscript, a tome titled “A Final Account of the Doom of Dragonhelm” (colloquially called “Drohun’s Journal”), until he was put to rest by the Scarlet Crusaders.

Drohun Blackbarrow

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