House Halcyon

Sigil A brilliant blue kingfisher on a field of silver
Words “United in duty.”
Seat Wintervale
Kingdom Northlands
Ruling Family
Head of House King Borius Halcyon, Third of his name, Lord of the Crystal Throne and Protector of the Northlands
Wife Queen Omena Ceyx Halcyon
Heir Princess Boreas Halcyon
Sons Tyndall, Atthys
Brother Dacel Halcyon
Sworn Houses and Forces
House Ceyx An old house with ties to Northland royalty predating the Halcyons, their sigil is three linked rings on violet
House Borneo A house that sprang from nothing but now has numerous trade connections, their sigil is a white fox
House Caridon A wealthy house that is valorous to a fault, their sigil is a howling golden wolf
House Melidor One of two competing oceanic houses, their sigil is three leaping dolphins
House Pelargo One of two competing oceanic houses, their sigil is a great crane
House Cittura A refined house with exotic tastes, their sigil is a cluster of blooming lilacs

Compared to House Ferrum and House Imbolc, the Royal House Halcyon is relatively young. Originally a house from southern lands that married into power, the Halcyons became royalty during the Fourth Descent, after the death of the previous king and the end of his dynasty. Northmen were resistant to the idea of a southern king, but the royal family’s arrival in Wintervale coincided with the abrupt end of a three-day blizzard. This omen convinced the northern dissenters to give House Halcyon a chance to prove their quality, and thus far the ruling family has not disappointed.

Though the adjustment to northern customs was difficult, House Halcyon has shown strong adherence to values of the Northlands. They proved to be apt rulers with a knack for politics and strong sense of justice, earning them the respect of their subjects. Now, a few generations later, they are generally considered Northmen, with talk of southern vices only surfacing in heated debates and the mutterings of the discontent, few as they may be.

Though the King of the Northlands controls all lands north and east of the Union River, House Halcyon is directly responsible for the central territories surrounding Wintervale. The capitol is blessed with a balanced endowment of the Northland’s natural resources, including lumber, ores, and fertile land. Access to the Iceshard River and Crystal Bay has made this territory rich through trade, though strict adherence to northern customs prevent most southern ideals from settling in after foreign traders return home.

House Halcyon

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