Tag: Oakwatch


  • Milni

    A soft-spoken, peaceful priest, Milni is the most up-to-date on the outside world of all the Elders, since she maintains some contacts with other lumens.

  • Kraily

    Kraily is a stern and level-headed druid who looks out for the good of the village above all else. The other elders will often differ to his opinion when torn on issues.

  • Neewick

    A sassy gnome sorcerer who is always looking for a good time, Neewick takes after his tutor, the [[:alymaneann | Master of the Forest]].

  • Casuarina

    The spirit of the massive oak tree in which the village of [[Oakwatch]] was founded, the dryad Casuarina considers herself the guardian of the gnomes who live in her grove. A druid of considerable power, she oversees most of the gnomes' activities and …

  • Tigwin

    Tigwin is an energetic gnome with pine-green hair and large brown eyes. He was known to spend hours tending to his giant bee, Beeswald, and carried with him two spiders named Eechi and Oochi (who had spun a web between the branches of his holy sprig of …