Tog Bjorn

Captain of the Sure Axes; "Fire King"


A dangerously ambitious dwarf, Tog leads the mercenary company known as the Sure Axes. Conquest has always been in his nature, but the restrictions of treaty with House Ferrum initially forced him to restrict himself to discreet raids of isolated mountain communities. These limitations only fueled his lust for battle and dominion, causing him to grow more and more restless.

This frustration found its outlet when Tog stumbled upon the red dragon Pyrolassus. Through some shrewd diplomacy and flattery, Tog was able to forge an alliance with Pyrolassus, who backed him on his war efforts. Considering himself invincible so long as he remained allied with the dragon, Bjorn took the title of “Fire King,” and began raiding and capturing mountain territories, most notably the mining village of Scoria. His early victories, combined with his ability to hold his domain against Samhain Ferrum‘s mercenaries, inflated Tog’s ego until he began to see himself as a figure of divine potential. He began work on converting the Scoria Mines into his own underground “kingdom,” reminiscent of the great dwarven kingdom of Ironhelm. This project has become stunted, however, as Tog is forced to divert more and more resources towards appeasing his dragon all7.

Tog Bjorn

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