Misguided Gnome Druid


Tigwin is an energetic gnome with pine-green hair and large brown eyes. He was known to spend hours tending to his giant bee, Beeswald, and carried with him two spiders named Eechi and Oochi (who had spun a web between the branches of his holy sprig of holly).

A resident of Oakwatch, Tigwin showed a strong affinity for insects and arachnids from a young age. Though this empathy for vermin unsettled many of the other gnomes, the Elders of the village saw great potential in the lad, and oversaw his training in druidic practices. He soon became a powerful mystic with unwavering loyalty to the Elders, particularly Elder Milni.

When Alymaneann became earthbound, malevolent fey began encroaching on the peaceful areas within the Feywood, since the Master of the Forest could no longer hold them at bay. The Elders became concerned that the actions of the evil monsters was being coordinated by a dark force, possibly from the accursed Dwarven kingdom of Dragonhelm. Since the Elders were required to oversee the defense of Oakwatch, they dispatched Tigwin to Boyne in order to find more information pertaining to the lost city.

While studying in the Hall of Heroes, Tigwin came across the haunted journal of Drohun Blackbarrow. Tigwin became obsessed with finding the secrets penned within the volume, and sleep deprivation caused by Blackbarrow’s shade only taxed his sanity further. When the Scarlet Crusade arrived in the city and showed him the mysterious lens described in the journal, he stole the relic in the hopes of unlocking its powers and using it to save his home. He perished in the Scarred Hills, claimed by the tome’s curse, after the Crusaders caught him in his search for Ophemet the Seer.


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