Syrion Harlow

Lord Symon's youngest son; a rogue


Syrion Harlow is cunning, ruthless, and meticulously organized to the point of neuroticism. Those who meet him typically describe him as a lithe, tense-looking human with short-cropped brown hair and a perfectly trimmed goatee. He is is the youngest male of House Harlow, and as such stands to gain no inheritance and is often neglected by his ambitious and demanding father, Symon.

As a result or his family position, Syrion has spent his life taking what he cannot have, and has mastered the darker side of politics. Though he tends to fall back on his family name to exert influence over others, Syrion resents the way he has been treated and lusts to prove his quality and take the claim he believes he is entitled to.

His first major gambit was the hostile takeover of Ardyn twenty-five years ago. Since the village was recognized as an independent state and the people of Iladia are not fond of elves, most political powers turned a blind eye to what Syrion made out to be a liberation effort of human nationalists. In reality, he led a band of mercenaries to take the village, subjugate the elves under his iron heel and exploit the Feywood for profit. His plan backfired when the town began experiencing mysterious disappearances, deaths, and skirmishes with the denizens of the forest. Ardyn developed a reputation of being cursed, which undermined his troop morale and economic prospects. He was finally driven out by a collection of forest folk and the remaining elves (led by Niamh Ceallach and her companions), who framed the event as a desertion of Syrion’s mercenaries when faced with the wrath of the forest. The elves have since reestablished their sovereignty under under the guidance of Ulmace Zelkova, and Syrion returned to his father’s lands to plan his next move.

Syrion Harlow

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