Green dragon vying for power in the Feywood


Roennaxlant has lived in the Feywood for over a century, but has never been able to exert any real control over his domain thanks to the alliance between the benevolent fey and the extremely powerful Master of the Forest. Roennaxlant knows he cannot best the copper dragon in combat, and Alymaneann has unraveled his plots often enough for him to know the prankster is smarter than he lets on. As a result, the green dragon took to fuming silently in the darker reaches of the forest, biding his time until he found a gap in Alymaneann’s defenses.

He found this gap when Alymaneann’s bout with Rallyvast left him earthbound and unable to supervise his territory. As soon as Roennaxlant discovered his condition, he began making moves to usurp control of the forest from his rival. He did not attack immediately; the green dragon’s time slinking in the shadows taught him patience, and his manipulation of the evil fey that plagued his stretch of forest gave him experience dealing with the movers and shakers in the Feywood. He first recruited the crueler dukes of the forest, knowing that Alymaneann was the primary force that kept their deprivations in check. He used alter self to take the form of a green-trussed gnome named Roenn in order to win the favor of more kind-spirited fey, including Elmira. He kept his evil fey on a short leash until he is ready for a full-scale attack, Roennaxlant in the hopes of taking Casuarina, the gnomes of Oakwatch, and the elves of Ardyn by surprise when he finally makes his power play. However, his control over the chaotic fey is limited, and Alymaneann’s allies have begun to suspect a usurper lurking in the forest.


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