The Crimson Terror; a red dragon


Rallyvast was a living incarnation of fiery wrath. Constantly humiliated by Alymaneann, who considered the red dragon an unwelcome intruder, Rallyvast spent most of his days seething in hatred or devastating the Feywood in search of his jovial nemesis. Rallyvast was, however, all ire and no intellect, so Alymaneann usually got the better of him, resulting in the red dragon’s perpetual state of rage. Rallyvast was eager to hunt down the infuriating copper, or in failing that, kill and destroy everything that got in his way.

This proved to be Rallyvast’s undoing, when Eoleo, Niamh Ceallach, Raleria Zephryl, and Rognar Olep tricked the red dragon into following them into a trap by convincing him that they could help him get back at Alymaneann. When brought to the right location, Alymaneann, Casuarina, and the Elders of Oakwatch used an ancient druidic ritual to splice Rallyvast’s life force with that of a wild boar, weakening the dragon considerably. The heroes were able to slay Rallyvast, but not before he incinerated the Mistwillow branch Alymaneann was using as an air node. This resulted in Alymaneann becoming “earthbound” after he used his own air energy to continue fueling the ritual.


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