Raleria Zephryl

Vagabond Wind Sorceress


Twenty years preceding our heroes’ journey, an exceedingly handsome and especially charming Thordast Zephryl traveled through Raleria’s hometown, Hillcross, a small farm-based village mostly settled by humans, where he met nineteen-year old Melinda Hale, whose family owned the inn where he chose to rest. Finding Melinda to be unusually alluring for a human, Thordast seduced the girl the night of his stay relying on his charms and false promises of adventure to ensnare her. After their night of passion he swore to return after he finished the quest he was already on. He left town that morning, never to be seen there again.
Nine months later, Raleria was born to Melinda. Melinda, naively convinced of Thordast’s integrity, gave Raleria his surname instead of her own, still expecting his return. Of course, Thordast’s name was not the only thing that Raleria inherited; she had also gained his sorcerer’s blood, descended from wind elements. Years passed before Melinda accepted the truth that was very small chance that Thordast would return, but not before she had told her toddling half-elf daughter stories of her “wonderful” and “amazing” elven father. These stories led to a young Raleria dreaming of the day when her father would return with tales of his heroic deeds.
It should be mentioned that Melinda was very diligent in making sure her daughter had an education and sent her to the village school. Though the school itself was small and not much to speak of, Raleria always received top marks in her classes and spent much of her free time reading and educating herself with whatever books she could get her hands on. She was particularly interested in learning anything she could within the arcana field of study.
Raleria was eight years old when her mother finally decided to settle down with a long-time-pursuer Royce Talon, mostly out of fear that she would become an old maid if she did not marry before she passed thirty. The mother and daughter moved to live and work on Royce’s farm. Though Royce was more than pleased to marry Melinda, he had great distaste for Raleria. If the fact that she was born a half-elf wasn’t bad enough, he found her proficiency with magic highly disturbing. Because of this, the relationship between Raleria and her step-father was always somewhat abrasive.
It became even more so as he steadily began to drink more and more through the years. By the time she was thirteen, Royce grew to be physically abusive as she became more adept with her powers. The abuse eventually spilled over onto Raleria’s mother. This continued on until Melinda died from a severe illness when Raleria was nineteen. Very shortly following her mother’s death, Royce banished Raleria, screaming that she was no daughter of his and had no business in his home. Raleria was left not only heartbroken over her mother’s death, but homeless with no money or provisions.
Completely alone and with nowhere to go, it was then that Raleria remembered the stories her mother told her as a child about her wayward father. Despite the fact that she had no clue where he could be, she decided then that she would travel anywhere the winds would take her in search for the only family in the world she had left. She broke into Royce’s that night to steal what she could carry and then set off on her wandering journey in a directionless search for her father.

Raleria is a tall, slender half-elf standing at 5’9". She has straight, lengthy black hair that frames her pale-completed face and lavender eyes. She’s generally quiet and aloof, but she is extremely good at reading people and knowing what best to say to make the conversation go her way when circumstances call for it. Typically, though, she keeps to herself and reads in her downtime, but given enough time and exposure she’ll open up to her fellow travelers. She tends to think in a straight-forward, logical way and is mostly concerned with the well-being of the group, but not so much for the well-being of strangers.

Raleria Zephryl

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