Vampiric oracle, advisor to Agatha Thormont


Ordin was chosen as an oracle by the Beacon of Saint Daedal’s Cathedral, but never really mastered his abilities. Considered a disappointment by his family and his superiors, he lived a humble life trying to better understand his obscured foresight. When the Doom of Dragonhelm came, however, Ordin discovered his true calling. Even in death his visions became clearer, and when the dust settled he rose as a vampire to share his unholy wisdom.

Ordin now serves as an advisor to Agatha Thormont, and is one of the few creatures in the city that she trusts. While other vampires have vibrant, blood-red eyes, Ordin’s are clouded by milky pink cataracts, a side effect of his oracular visions. He still pursues a humble lifestyle, only drinking as much blood as he needs to survive and treating the duergar fairly, and spends most of his time attempting to preserve the culture of Dragonhelm and contemplating the will of the shadow that now rules the citadel.


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