Lumen of Aurora's End


A bald, serene man, Lumen Hoden is the spiritual leader of the town of [[Aurora’s End | Aurora’s End]]. He directs his worship of the True Light primarily through the aspect of Saint Georgia, as befitting a lumen so close to her holy site. His devotion to the saint of protection against monstrous evil also fits well with his penchant for tales of heroes slaying mighty beasts. Though he is loyal to his flock and values his simple lifestyle, he often dreams about adventuring or taking part in a glorious quest to fend off monsters of legends and nightmares.

Originally from the area around Boyne, Hoden stayed in Aurora’s End after completing his pilgrimage to Saint Georgia’s shrine. He remains contact with his brother Arvin, who still lives in Boyne and serves as a record keeper in the library.


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