A Duchess of the Feywood; a nymph


Elmira presides as a warden of the older, wilder western reaches of the Feywood. She has a deep-seated mistrust of elves, since she remembers how the original conquerors who founded Ardyn exploited the forest and has failed to accept their change in demeanor since the dawn of the new age. Her poor outlook on elfkind was further darkened when Syrion Harlow captured Ardyn and once again expanded a devastating logging operation; she originally believed the elves were once-again behind the affront, and by the time she was informed of the truth her prejudice had already been colored by the event.

Since Alymaneann became earthbound, Elmira and the other dukes of the Feywood have begun to expand their domains and challenge the tenants upheld by the ancient dragon. Elmira is one of many who has shown interest in new leadership for the forest, though whether or not she plans to openly confront Alymaneann is currently unknown.


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