Mysterious soothsayer


Caliss was a Northern sorceress who traveled between its different towns for several years and was recognized by many. When curses first began plaguing Wintervale, Caliss vowed to use her potent magic to assist her beloved people; it was she who first convinced Gustav to march on the city (although not so militantly as he has done), and it was her divinations that drew many of the Northerners to Gustav’s side. She resided with the other rebellious citizens on the town green; the mob was convinced that her magic would help them to find the witches and bring them to justice.

The actions of the Scarlet Crusade revealed Caliss to actually be one of the witches attacking the city, since her unique bloodline allowed her to participate in the coven. The resulting Caliss’ death at the hands of Niamh Ceallach. The coven was broken, but the two surviving members fled.


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