Borius Halcyon III

Head of House Halcyon; King of the Northlands and Lord of Wintervale.


King Borius Halcyon, Third of his name, Lord of the Crystal Throne and Protector of the Northlands is a skilled leader with streaks of grey appearing in his jet-black hair. Renowned as a prudent ruler, his patience has been wearing thin of late due to the two difficult political situations he is being forced to confront.

His first problem stems from his eldest daughter, Princess Boreas. King Borius is the first of his line to have a female heir, making him the first patriarch of House Halcyon to face the conflict between its southern history of male preference and northern custom of equal primogeniture. To make matters worse, Boreas’ restless, adventurous nature contrasts sharply with that Borius’ levelheaded eldest son, Tyndall. The king continues to try to shape his daughter for court, but maintains the private notion that if the True Light wished him to follow a clear path, it would have given him Tyndall first and Boreas second.

His second problem stems from his youngest son, Atthys, who has shown a strong interest in wizardry. Northerners, whose first contact with wizards was during the Elven Occupation, have long distrusted them compared to native sorcerers. However, Atthys’ relentless push for an Academy in Wintervale has forced Borius to try to balance his son’s wishes with the concerns of his subjects.

Borius Halcyon III

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