Boreas Halcyon

Heir of Wintervale.


Princess Boreas is a strikingly beautiful woman with dark blue eyes, a crooked smile of perfect white teeth, and long, straight, jet-black hair that she keeps in a tight braid. She is a confident leader and clever improvisor who takes finds no greater joy than getting her hands dirty and learning new tricks and skills. She has sailed ships, commanded men, and mastered a wide range of skills from hunting to swordplay to lockpicking.

Boreas was always a restless soul. As heir to the Crystal Throne, she found her father, King Borius III, was always trying to package her into some tight little role she was supposed to play. In an attempt to give her an outlet, the king sent her north as a ward of House Imbolc, which only served to make her more adventurous. Now she regularly butts heads with her cautious and politically-minded father, constantly fighting to get out and feel the wind in her hair.

The citizens of the Northlands have mixed feelings about Boreas. Many see her as a strong leader who will bring the kingdom to greatness, but others believe she exhibits then qualities of a southern Myrmidon, and lacks the discipline necessary to lead the Northmen.

Boreas Halcyon

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