The Kelpie Queen; a rusalka


Aughisky is the undisputed master of the depths of Kelpie Lake, and one of the most feared creatures in the Feywood. The wide expanse of her domain and Alymaneann‘s inability to swim have allowed her to elude his influence, and as a result the kelpies that serve her continue to prey on passes by the great lake. The Master of the Forest has blunted her attacks often enough to force her to retreat into the depths of the lake, stewing in her own hatred while the great dragon guarded the surface. Unfortunately, once word of Alymaneann’s earthbound condition began to spread, Aughisky was one of the first to test the waters and has since been growing more confident.

Aughisky’s youthful appearance and childish behavior belie her rapacious nature and keen intelligence. She often uses baby talk and tantrums to lure prey into a false sense of security before massacring them, all while continuing to giggle sheepishly. She has a fascination with enormous aquatic monsters, and likes to keep beasts like hydras and giant snapping turtles enthralled by her charm monster ability.


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