Agatha Thormont

Vampire matriarch, ruler of the Gold Quarter


Agatha was once the only daughter of the esteemed Angus Thormont, patriarch of a powerful house among the Dragonhelm nobility. In male-dominant dwarven culture Agatha’s only real political potential was through marriage, so her father placed her under immense pressure to be beautiful and charming so as to make a good match. She developed a knack for sorcery at a young age, but her father squandered her magical training in an attempt to marry her off. Eventually the pressure became too much for her, and Agatha took a secret lover; when Angus discovered her affair, he strangled her and disposed of her body in the catacombs beneath his family mansion so as to maintain the honor of the Thormont name.

That was when the Doom of Dragonhelm hit. Angus Thormont, along with most of the city, perished in the storm of shadows, but the betrayed and tortured soul of his daughter caught the attention of the malevolent darkness. She soon arose as a vampire, far more powerful and independent than she was in life, and fueled by a profane drive to experience every vice and pleasure her father had forbidden her to try. The Doom’s blessing allowed her to form a nest of spawn far larger than most vampires, and she claimed the abandoned Gold Quarter as her personal domain.

Agatha now rules the district with an iron fist, drawing sustenance and progeny from surviving dwarf laborers pressed into service (centuries of selective breeding and vampiric influence turned them into a new race called the duergar). She is advised by Ordin in her endless campaign to rid Dragonhelm of the dark folk (who cannot be turned or harvested for blood) and the derro (who vex her by interfering with her pursuit of magical relics from the Silver Quarter).

Agatha Thormont

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