The Clutch of Verthandi

Finding the True Clutch

After a week of resting, crafting, buying, and horse training in Ogjorn, our heroes set out with the lumen, Owen, and his party on the pilgrimage to Mount Georgia with the sacred Electrum Lance in hand. Along the way, the party encounters a pair of giant ants that are quickly vanquished. Without much more excitement, the heroes arrive outside the shrine at the foot of Mount Georgia when they are attacked by a pack of Hell Hounds. One of the Hell Hounds snatches the Electrum Lance and dashes into the shrine. On Owen’s orders, the heroes enter the shrine in an effort to slay the Hell Hounds and retrieve the lance. The party eventually manages to kill the Hell Hounds, but mere seconds after this is accomplished a group of Ogres (more specifically, fire-giants) storm in upon the members of the pilgrimage, crushing them beneath their feet. A red-haired giantess takes hold of Owen and snaps his neck, killing him before she knocked down the pillars of the shrine with her club, leaving our heroes trapped and bewildered.

After trying to piece together the most recent events without much success, the heroes decide to grab some of the shrine’s offerings before proceeding. After remembering the story of Saint Georgia, they discover there is a phosphorescent light on the ceiling that guides our heroes deeper into the mountain. They follow this trail through the many, winding paths of mountain’s interior, sometimes needing to climb over high ledges (much to the chagrin of Raleria, who seemed to be having a bad day). Midway through their journey they stumbled upon an area with two humanoid statues. Upon inspection of the statues, they realize that they had once been alive and are then faced against a cockatrice. They take the creature down without too much trouble and continue to venture deeper into the mountain, still following the path of Saint Georgia.

Eventually, they come to find a door. The walls surrounding the door are covered in runes that instruct the usage of the Electrum Lance. After a few failed attempts by Rognar, Raleria takes the lance and charges it with electricity, which opens the door to the dragon’s lair, which looks disheveled and wrecked with scarred floors. The heroes identify some of the scars as tracks, tracks too fresh to have been from the dragon killed by Saint Georgia. Following the scars on the floor, the heroes discover a secret passage leading to a lava-filled room. Inside the room they come upon four hatched dragon eggs— the real clutch of Verthandi.

Weighed down by this knowledge, the party makes their way back down the outside of the mountain and take care to track Niamh’s horse, who managed to flee the ogre’s attack. After securing her horse, Niamh decides to name the creature. She christens it Owen, in honor of her father as well as the perished lumen. The party makes the journey to Aurora’s End. They decide to visit the local church to pass along the story of their most recent venture. They meet another lumen named Hoden and retell the past few days’ events. The lumen is at first skeptical of the existence of giants and dragons still plaguing the lands, but he is thoroughly convinced when Niamh hands him her dragon-scale necklace for inspection. Undertaking the task of tracking and eliminating the dragons, the party takes Hoden’s advice to travel south to Boyne to collect information on the subject.

EXP gained: 2,150 each
Loot acquired: 70 sp each, 200 sp worth of diamond dust



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